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We are convinced that design combined with good storytelling and clearly communicated emotions lead to lasting relationships between people and brands.

In our design agency and consulting we work together with the objective of achieving effective growth for our customers.

We create consistent images, develop brands and treat design in its form and structure. At Design Minder we help make the functional aspect of design visible, we develop effective solutions that connect the brand with its user.

Together, we will show your brand to the world.

    This is how our thoughts become information carriers through design. From images, shapes, fonts and colors, it is possible to develop visual communication tools. For this, we place ourselves in the position of our customers' consumers to better understand how to create: Logos - Icons - Signage - Websites
    It is a clearly defined identity of a company or brand. Resulting in a consistent look in all internal and external touch points, creating trust and confidence. Based on the strategic direction of our customers, we have created: Brand Identity - Brand Guidelines - Web Design - Editorial Design
    It is the form of interaction between the brand and the consumer. The more understandable the product or service is to the recipient, dealer or end customer, the more often it is used. Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed: Packaging Design - Labels - Catalogs - Newsletters

use creativity as a solution

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