Adico exterior

Adico was founded in 1920 by Commander Adelino Dias Costa.

Adelino Dias Costa was one of the greatest industrialists of his time. Following in his father's footsteps and opposing all the social and economic instability of those times (New York Stock Exchange Crash; Rise of Nazism; Beginning of Fascism; Beginning of Salazarism in Portugal; Beginning of World War II; Franklin Roosevelt begins the "New Deal"), with his determination and dedication, he managed to create Adico, a company that still belongs to his family.

Adico started its activity with the production of iron beds. In the 1930s, he oriented his production towards Hospital Furniture, already showing his mastery of sophisticated technologies for the time, namely hydraulic operating tables. At this stage, it also develops the production of a line of tables and chairs for terraces, from which the traditional Portuguese chair stands out.
In the 1940s, it already had around 350 workers and dominated exports to the market of former Portuguese colonies, becoming the largest Portuguese company in the Hospital Furniture sector.
From the 90's until today, it has concentrated its efforts on research and development of new furniture lines, focusing on design and the most recent technologies, becoming a distinguished company in the national and international market for hostelry furniture.

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Visit the past and build the future...


Was the motto for relaunching this 20’s/30’s revival collection. We entered the memory room, removed some dust, and discovered a set of fantastic art expressions (yes design!), products build with such a precise language where everything makes sense: form, components, radius, angles, perhaps pure design in their golden age. 

We can feel different influences such as German school (Bauhaus), French school with a Nordic breeze leaving traces in a set of products throughout the years counting almost a century of history. 

To rebuild carefully was what moved us, without spoiling though, as it was difficult to improve. 

So, an erstwhile drawing and modern technique brought this collection to life, especially for you.