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We are a company that aims to offer our clients value-added solutions in terms of strategy and design. A good idea needs a plan, which is why we combine creative and strategic minds to find opportunities within and between organizations in the design industry. We develop forward-looking strategies and find solutions for your projects.

As a result, we changed perspectives and strengthened synergies.

We support retail design shops, architects, and interior designers with solutions for all types of projects

Joaquim & Susana


It's the personal connections that move us.

People are at the center of what we do. We actively listen to the voices of our customers, their customers, and the wider ecosystem – we connect the dots between them.

Recognizing the diversity of cultures, experiences, skills, and needs we have expands our perspective. It challenges us, makes us better, and helps us go further. Our goal is to promote an egalitarian, inclusive, and allied mindset within Design Minder and our partners and projects.

We are what we do, so how we act in our everyday lives makes all the difference.

Our goal is to build a longterm and meaningful relationship with our partners.

Promote better connections within organizations, between brands and people, between humanity and technology.

Together, we are determined to transform change into progress – transforming complex, often systemic problems into holistic, reflective experiences.

With deep market knowledge and methodical competence, the Design Minder team creates space to design the right solutions for the future.

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